Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer 2010 Staff Development Goals

This is going to be one cool summer! I am starting the College Board Pre-AP English course next week - Man, I hope it's good. Really, all a highly paid professional requires is that a course adhere to the command, "Don't Waste My Time!"
Then I begin (posting for Credit that is) on the 23 Things Web 2.0 tools thang...hopefully I can get to tackle the 11 More Things Web 2.0 thang.....Then on Monday - 6/14 - I get to attend the Shifting Literacies double am sessions....then if I can get the district's staff development page to open, I'll go for a day of looking at an ActiveBoard LA classroom....then the fam is off to Cosmo Fort Worth for a Promethean's ActiveBoard Symposium/Workshop. Of course there will be BBQ and Art Museums, and a roller coaster or three to thrill to! I'll be reading and posting on A Framework for Understanding Poverty (IF I can manage to get on the wiki!), creating personal musings and chasmodically deep insights on the films Freedom Writers and Under the Same Moon. Then after a look at several eastern colleges we can't afford, I venture to Austin for a retreat with my SFMS LA colleagues and get all prepped out for the new year....then to the New Jersey Writing Project for 3 weeks of guud ol lurnin' bout ritin'. Oh yeah, the Goal! Be a an effective LA teacher that actually teaches some 21st Century Skills. First step! Let's ROCK!

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