Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thing # 17

Rollyo! This tool relates to the Library 2.0 post in that the Teacher gets to provide a nice scaffold that does double duty as a filter – an optional filter. I! ran into a little difficulty at first in creating the search roll. Thanks to B. Goodner’s video, it came into focus….AFTER I spent a ton of time figuring it out! (Lesson Learned: Always read the entire assignment first!) One thing that I did a little different was to put the Rollyo search bar on my blog as a Gadget. This way, students can access it in the same place I ‘ll put everything else – assignments, prompts, the calendar. One thing that I noticed with this approach is that you have to obtain the updated code each time you add a Searchroll and then edit the gadget. It doesn’t take that long, but is an additional step. One thing that I did experiment with was using my Diigo lists to cut the time of copying and pasting each web resource you want in the new Searchroll. If you just want a list on the blog, Diigo will automatically create a post that includes any comments you have added to the bookmark. I did this and didn’t like the way it looked. I then had Diigo create a report that I copied and then edited out all the extraneous comments leaving only the URL for the Searchroll. This is a great tool that will really help students with research and teach resource evaluation and categorization. I see no reason why this should be a only seen as a teacher tool. I see my students’ blogs each having their individual Searchrolls.

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